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All tailored to your organisation and departments' unique needs


We don't have a one-size-fits-all model.
    Implementation 1
    Evaluate your current ways of working: We work across your organisation, with central functions and clinical directorates to understand how you currently manage temporary staffing, and where your key pain points are.
    Implementation 2
    Collaboratively design your new solution: We work with you to streamline processes, workflows and configure our systems for all teams. We also automate tasks to reduce admin burden and give you back the time and headspace you deserve.
    Implementation 3
    Manage change with extensive communication: We provide thorough communications and engage with your management and clinical teams, so that everyone is aware and ready for any upcoming changes.
    Implementation 4
    Train your teams: Before Patchwork officially launches, we seamlessly migrate all of your data to the system and train your teams in less than two weeks.
    Implementation 5
    Provide extensive ongoing support: Change doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re on hand to support you throughout your journey, and after Patchwork is live, always.

Customer Success

We go beyond day-to-day technical support.
  • Insights, bespoke analytics, and all things data
    Insights, bespoke analytics, and all things data

    If you've any questions about our 'Patchwork Insights' data platform, or you need a more bespoke piece of data analysis, challenge our data scientists and we'll find the information and answers you need.

  • Account Management and tailored support
    Account Management and tailored support

    How is your organisation using our systems? Are there any gaps or struggling departments? Are you maximising all our higher-level features? Our account managers will be able to help you assess all of this and more, and then help ensure that you are in a position to maximise your staff bank potential.

  • Join the 'Patchwork  Community'
    Join the 'Patchwork Community'

    Employer or clinician, join our 'Patchwork Community' to share experiences and support one another, as well as receive top tips, latest CPD events, industry news and more.

  • Process and technical support
    Process and technical support

    We're on hand with any and all questions your teams may have. We don't just implement Patchwork and leave you to do all the learning. We're here to ensure our products are working for you, all of the time.

  • We recently implemented in London North West Hospital, read about how they found the experience here.


    Our partners become your partners
    Patchwork is partnered with the BMJ.

    Patchwork is partnered with the BMJ.

    Need your organisation or vacancies advertised? We create bespoke campaigns for you that can live on the BMJ website, Careers page, and printed journal, read by 74,000+ healthcare workers and employers weekly.

    Patchwork is partnered with financial wellness company Wagestream

    Patchwork is partnered with financial wellness company Wagestream

    Clinicians booking shifts through Patchwork's app can access and track their earned wages in real-time, whenever they need, as well as access budgeting tools.

    Recruitment Support

    • Improve recruitment efficiency
      Improve recruitment efficiency

      Effective process management and candidate streamlining using data-led insights to reduce your time-to-hire. Lose fewer clinicians in the recruitment funnel.

    • Modular and scalable
      Modular and scalable

      Rapidly scale up or down our support services to meet fluctuating demand, such as Winter pressures or clinician rotation dates.

    • Viral growth
      Viral growth

      Attract thousands of clinicians through the Patchwork community or market to thousands of clinicians through our partnership with the BMJ.

    Recruitment Support


    • Upstream integration

      Patchwork has partnerships with leading e-rostering solutions and suppliers including Skills4Health Real-Time Rostering and Allocate Health Roster.

    • Integration with payroll systems

      Seamless integration with each organisation’s own payroll system to streamline processes and improve efficiency in payment.

    • Integration with third party VMS/DE providers

      Patchwork is fully interoperable and able to integrate with any third party direct engagement suppliers.

    • Designed for information flow

      Patchwork has been designed for information to flow in and out of our solution to provide you with an optimised experience to work with your other chosen suppliers for the elements that we do not manage.


    Through our unique partnerships, we can deliver next generation payroll bureau to process thousands of transactions using scalable technology, ensuring staff are paid correctly and on-time.
    • Fully managed and tailored service

      Fully managed and tailored service

      Our dedicated team can help you manage weekly and monthly payroll for multiple staff groups.

    • Fully compliant

      Fully compliant

      Our service can manage every aspect of payroll, including tax codes, apprenticeship levy, student loans and pension allocation.

    • Same day payments

      Same day payments

      Through our partnership with Wagestream we can facilitate same day payments, which provides greater flexibility and the appeal for clinicians to work for agencies.

    Don’t take our word for it.

    Kieran McCartney Patel

    I honestly can say that using patchwork is a million times better than the old system of contacting the coordinator directly, a laborious back and forth of e-mails followed by submission of locum shift papers and the inevitable anxiety that somewhere along this process your shifts haven’t been paid properly (either over or under) because of the lack of transparency. The app is really intuitive and so easy to use.

    Kieran McCartney Patel, SHO

    Easy to use app, I can quickly see available shifts and book them. Currently signing off shifts by sending a message. Payments are prompt and I can see how much has been earned straight away.

    , Psychiatry CT / ST
    Sophia Molyvda

    I am feeling positive about being paid. I used to be reluctant to do locum shifts but now I want to do more as I will be able to track my payments. I have had issues in the past with not getting paid and having to chase payroll. Patchwork is easy to navigate. Creating an account and signing of shifts is straight forward. I like the calendar view and being able to filter shifts. It’s good that lots of people can sign-off shifts

    Sophia Molyvda, Specialty Doctor