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Worker Portal and Mobile App

Thousands of healthcare workers on our app connect directly with local and collaborative staff banks:

  • Digital Passport
    Digital Passport - Keep track of all mandatory and statutory training modules, including renewal dates all in one place.
  • On-demand Shift Bookings
    On-demand Shift Bookings - Automate the booking process and avoid the need for laborious admin, phone calls and emails.
  • Electronic Timesheets
    Electronic Timesheets - Integrate with Patchwork's payroll system to digitise the payment process from start to finish.
  • Shift Notifications
    Shift Notifications - Receive automatic push notifications for urgent vacancies and changes to shift status, to quickly fill important gaps.
  • Financial Wellness
    Financial Wellness - Track monthly targets and earnings with our personalised dashboards, as well as access wages daily through our partnership with Wagestream.
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Employers Hub

  • Vacancy management

    Vacancy management - Use a single platform to manage end-end temporary staffing requirements, for both staff bank and agency bookings.

  • Financial Control

    Financial Control - Patchwork’s 2-step payments approval process provides you with robust financial governance and control. The NHSi compliant Rate Escalation Control Tool also allows staff to better manage rate escalations in line with employer policy and NHSi guidance.

  • Instant Notifications

    Instant Notifications - Patchwork sends you tailored notifications in a real-time feed, so you are instantly alerted of new applications to join the staff bank, changes to shift status and late cancellations.

  • Integrated, electronic payments

    Integrated, electronic payments - Electronically review timesheets, authorise payments and process payroll all within an integrated platform for simple weekly or monthly payments.

Employers Hub

Read how York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust automated tasks to save 100 hours monthly.

Patchwork Insights

Tailored to the requirements of each provider, our financial dashboards allow your organisation oversight of:

  • Broad range of featuresBroad range of features

    Includes financial dashboards to allow your organisation oversight of actual and forecasted spend, making it simple to view, quantify and meet your targets whilst efficiently managing your budget.

  • Virtual ‘Command and Control Centre’Virtual ‘Command and Control Centre’

    Organisations with collaborative staff banks are able to better manage resources and overall performance across sites through Patchwork Insights’ collaborative dashboards.

  • Performance IndicatorsPerformance Indicators

    Allow managers to assess potential service cover issues, as well as monitor how well the organisation is adhering to recruitment targets and best practice NHSI standards. Performance can also be compared and contrasted across providers, to identify best practice.

Patchwork Insights

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Dr Simon Bowers

I have been a Clinical Lead for Digital Transformation for more than 10 years - dealing with start-ups and SMEs through to Emis and Apple. I have never experienced such customer-focussed efficient service - especially for a product with such fab user experience. This will absolutely support our recruitment of clinicians - now during the pandemic, and in the future.

Dr Simon Bowers, General Practitioner and Practice Owner
COVID Vaccination Project

Less than a week ago we approached Patchwork Health to help us manage our CV clinics and dipped our toe into recruiting medical students for the South Liverpool Vaccination Programme. Today we filled our first shifts, have over 200 students in our inbox and 50 already signed up. Big thanks to the altruism of our communities.

COVID Vaccination Project, Emma Lord, Capacity Director
COVID 'Hot Clinic' Project

On Friday, we got in touch with Patchwork Health outlining a proposal to support SWAGGA and CWN with staffing rotas. By Monday, they had developed a bespoke solution just for us. We are very grateful for the time and energy it will save the practices, which they can now dedicate to treating patients and keeping the community as healthy and resilient as possible.

COVID 'Hot Clinic' Project, Emma Lord, Capacity Director