We automate and digitise many of your processes

All tailored to your organisation's unique needs

We automate and digitise many of your processes

Harmonise Rates

Instead of locally negotiated rates with no visibility, we enable you to standardise your pay rates. This is important for:

  • CheckEnsuring standardised rates are used
  • CheckEliminating the need to agree upon a local rate
  • CheckControl shift requests and authorisers
Harmonise Rates
Make Timesheet Approvals Work for Everyone

Make Timesheet Approvals Work for Everyone

Give workers a complete picture of what they’ve worked vs. what they’ve been paid, whilst you benefit from:

  • CheckMultiple steps of approval to ensure the right shifts are signed-off
  • CheckRemote sign-off for when Timesheet Authorisers aren’t present
  • CheckWays to review shifts right the way through the payroll process

Control Rate Escalations

Enable managers to request rate escalations directly to their authorisers, using our simple and NHSi compliant approval process.

  • CheckAutomatically follow NHSi guidance
  • CheckManagers communicate the need and receive decisions faster
  • CheckSee a complete picture of who, when, and why for all rate escalations
  • CheckMassively reduce admin load for the staff bank
Cancelling a healthcare worker

Cancelling a healthcare worker

Cancelling a healthcare worker from a shift? 

Patchwork automatically follows-up with an Upbeat Rejection™ — suggesting other available shifts on the same day, in the same location and staff group.

Create rules that encourage bookings and reduce cancellations.

Give your workers confidence

Reassure your workers by giving them complete visibility of the shift journey from booking to paid, all on their phones.


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Dr Simon Bowers

I have been a Clinical Lead for Digital Transformation for more than 10 years - dealing with start-ups and SMEs through to Emis and Apple. I have never experienced such customer-focussed efficient service - especially for a product with such fab user experience. This will absolutely support our recruitment of clinicians - now during the pandemic, and in the future.

Dr Simon Bowers, General Practitioner and Practice Owner
COVID Vaccination Project

Less than a week ago we approached Patchwork Health to help us manage our CV clinics and dipped our toe into recruiting medical students for the South Liverpool Vaccination Programme. Today we filled our first shifts, have over 200 students in our inbox and 50 already signed up. Big thanks to the altruism of our communities.

COVID Vaccination Project, Emma Lord, Capacity Director
COVID 'Hot Clinic' Project

On Friday, we got in touch with Patchwork Health outlining a proposal to support SWAGGA and CWN with staffing rotas. By Monday, they had developed a bespoke solution just for us. We are very grateful for the time and energy it will save the practices, which they can now dedicate to treating patients and keeping the community as healthy and resilient as possible.

COVID 'Hot Clinic' Project, Emma Lord, Capacity Director