Our tech-enabled staff bank service is transforming flexible and collaborative working in healthcare

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We work with you to create your bespoke staffing solutions

We know a one-size-fits-all model won’t solve the complex demands of temporary staffing.

So we've created a solution that combines a number of great services with award-winning technology.

We work in collaboration with you and your team, to create both in-person and virtual flexible staffing pools, all tailored to your individual pain points and goals.

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We work with you to achieve...


Access to a pool of bank workers, both in person and virtually, to build workforce resilience


Automated real-time insights to manage budgets, targets and more, giving you back the headspace you deserve


Reduce your reliance on locum agencies whilst establishing robust financial & rate controls


Stress alleviated for you, your colleagues and clinicians


Establish collaborative staff banks across Trusts, PCNs, ICSs and more


Bespoke implementation, specialist knowledge & hands on support - always.

Your Solution

We combine award-winning tech with expert advisory services, to transform your workforce management.

Our Technology

Patchwork Worker Portal and Mobile App

Patchwork Worker Portal and Mobile App

Thousands of locum healthcare workers use our Patchwork app to connect directly with local & collaborative staff banks. Read on for how all staff groups can book shifts on-demand, manage payments electronically, and more.

Employer Hub

Employer Hub

Integrated seamlessly with the app and other workforce systems is our easy-to-use Employer Hub. Used by primary and secondary care employers to manage the staffing process end-to-end, teams can broadcast shifts in real-time, screen applications, manage electronic timesheets and much more.

Patchwork Insights

Patchwork Insights

Gain valuable insights into your organisation’s data with 'Patchwork Insights', unlocking a wealth of real-time reporting to make more effective, data-driven decisions. Manage actual & forecasted spend, meet targets, assess ward cover issues and far more.

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Case Studies

Read about how we've worked closely with our partner healthcare organisations to, together, solve challenges and meet their goals.

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Increasing Bank Fill Rates and Reducing Agency Spend at Chelsea & Westminster

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Partnering with PCNs to establish COVID ‘hot clinics'

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Get robust financial and rate controls

Get robust financial and rate controls

Harmonise rates and control escalations, digitise timesheets, automate approvals and more...

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Dave Jones

Using Patchwork as the technology enabler, AUH was able to transform the culture and the operational practice of temporary staffing within the Trust. With Patchwork AUH has introduced a centralised staff bank function and more equitable harmonised hourly rates. The early results have been dramatic with improvement in bank bookings and the average hourly rates for locum pay.

Dave Jones, Associate Director of Transformation
Andy Small

I’ve found Patchwork to be very effective, in particular their expertise, knowledge of the market and opportunities for savings. And especially, customer responsiveness. The support they offer to implement Patchwork is clearly fundamental in success and sets them apart from other companies. The product overall is excellent and has clear results.

Andy Small, Workforce Lead
COVID 'Hot Clinic' Project

On Friday, we got in touch with Patchwork Health outlining a proposal to support SWAGGA and CWN with staffing rotas. By Monday, they had developed a bespoke solution just for us. We are very grateful for the time and energy it will save the practices, which they can now dedicate to treating patients and keeping the community as healthy and resilient as possible.

COVID 'Hot Clinic' Project, Emma Lord, Capacity Director