Key Findings
  • Orange Check100 hours of admin time freed up every month
  • Orange CheckIncreased visibility, governance and reliance
  • Orange CheckBetter informed, data-driven management decisions
  • Orange CheckInteroperable with all payroll systems for maximum efficiency
  • Orange Check95% staff bank increase
  • Orange Check£177k saved In the first 9 months alone
York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Challenge

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s (YTH) temporary staffing team previously managed hours worked using paper timesheets, creating an admin burden of 150 hours monthly for the team. In addition, each department managed their own bank bookings, which created a lack of centralised control over processes and data; making it difficult for the Trust to both manage rotas and provide accurate reporting.

Key Aims

  • Reduce the huge admin burden on management staff

  • Centralise & streamline the staff bank

  • Ensure interoperability with all existing systems

  • Achieve transparency and get control over data 


YTH implemented Patchwork’s tech-enabled staff bank service to create one centralised staff bank function that could be used seamlessly by everyone. Together, they streamlined processes and ensured the system was interoperable with the Trust’s payroll systems.

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