Key Findings
  • Orange Check60% staff increase in 2 months
  • Orange Check85% average bank fill rate
  • Orange CheckGreater visibility over shift patterns and planning
  • Orange Check80% of shifts filled within 7 days of being advertised
  • Orange CheckGreater autonomy for GPs on how they book and work shifts
South Liverpool Treatment Centre (SLTC)

The Challenge

SLTC made the early decision to pool their resources and protect patients by establishing a joint ‘hot clinic’ for symptomatic COVID-19 patients at the South Liverpool NHS Treatment Centre. With hundreds of GPs from the participating 24 partner practices, and no centralised system to acknowledge any differing schedules, the initial method of scheduling via Excel was inefficient. Sudden surges in demand at the clinic would be difficult to manage from a staffing perspective, as was the unpredictability posed by GPs having to self-isolate on account of showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Key Aims

  • Implement a centralised digital staffing solution at significant pace to cater for COVID-19 demand.

  • Increase safe staffing levels to accommodate surges in demand.

  • Reduce admin burden and provide greater visibility of workforce data for managers.


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