Key Findings
  • Orange Check £500,000 cost savings per annum
  • Orange Check81% fill rate - a 24% increase over baseline levels
  • Orange CheckStaff bank growth of 500% within 6 months
  • Orange Check40% of shifts filled 6 weeks in advance
  • Orange Check10 agency locums converted to the staff bank - £292,000 in savings overall
  • Orange CheckEscalated shifts down from 72% to only 12%
London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

The Challenge

Temporary staffing management had become an ever-increasing challenge at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNW). The medical staff bank team were facing operational challenges due to convoluted processes. To add to this, spending on temporary staffing was high due to a heavy reliance on agency workers, vacancies being released late and hugely escalated shift rates. A complete lack of control and governance, as a result of data fragmentation, meant that production of accurate reports was impossible. Vital data for these reports was often recorded locally or not recorded at all.

Key Aims

  • Increase staff bank fill rate

  • Improve rate control

  • Reduce rate escalations & agency reliance

  • Reduce onboarding lead time & fill shifts quicker

The Solution

To alleviate these conditions and establish an efficient temporary staffing system with long term planning capabilities and complete oversight, LNW decided to adopt the tech-enabled staff bank service, Patchwork. Engaging with cross-functional working groups, the partners discovered internal goals and how efficiency would be best achieved. LNW was sure to work with Patchwork’s implementation team to create defined roles with unique responsibilities

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