Key Findings
  • Orange CheckOver £64,000 saved per annum via Patchwork’s automated agency replacement tool
  • Orange Check500% staff bank growth in the first 6 months
  • Orange CheckEst. £250,000 saved on agency premiums for every 10 agency locums converted to the staff bank
  • Orange Check40% of shifts released 6 weeks in advance up from 0% in line with NHSI targets
  • Orange CheckOnboarding lead time reduced from 6 weeks to 1 week
  • Orange Check81% average fill rate with 500+ more shifts filled monthly
London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

The Challenge

Temporary staffing management had become an ever-increasing challenge at LNW; spend was high due to a heavy reliance on agency workers and escalated rates, vacancies were being released late due to the burden of manual intervention and admin, and staff turnover was high. To manage the process of transferring workers and shifts from agency to bank, LNW implemented Patchwork’s Agency-Bank Conversion service to streamline processes to achieve substantial financial and safe staffing levels.

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