Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Challenge

Aintree University Hospital’s (AUH) staff bank was previously managed by 34 departments within the Trust, each with its own different processes and rates. This not only created internal competition leading to unwarranted rate escalations, but locums also had poor visibility of shifts in all departments; meaning shifts were filled at the last minute - often outsourced to agency. Additionally, temporary staffing data recording, such as total spend and number of vacant shifts, was disjointed or missing vital information.

Key Aims

  • Staff bank growth and reduced 
agency spend

  • Harmonised rates and reduced 
rate escalations

  • Visibility, grip and control over data

The Solution

AUH worked collaboratively with Patchwork to implement their tech-enabled staff bank service; creating a streamlined, centralised staff bank function used seamlessly by all.

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