Why ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches have no place in modern health and care

Why ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches have no place in modern health and care

A Service-Centric approach - the 2nd of 5 Outcomes-Based Staffing principles

Too often Trusts are left on their own when it comes to managing the practical implications of a new tech or system roll-out. This is not good enough. At Patchwork, we believe that if best outcomes are to be achieved, suppliers must take on more responsibility to provide an ongoing partnership. 

We’re taking ownership of the term ‘service-centric provision’ to encompass the hands-on, bespoke approach that we take to rolling out solutions and services with our health and care  partners, and, crucially, the continued support we offer to ensure optimal outcomes. 

We’re not a tech provider; we’re a tech-enabled service company, and we’re working to set the gold-standard in NHS partnerships.

The need for bespoke and rapid implementation

Every NHS organisation is unique, so why is the myth of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution or service still perpetuated? At Patchwork, our team of former NHS staff understands that in order for any workforce system to take root and operate effectively, it must be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. 

A key pillar of our service-centric approach is that our experienced implementation team  works with each organisation’s stakeholders to understand their unique needs and goals, and then configures the Patchwork tools and solutions accordingly - fixing the major workforce challenges whilst also addressing the operational nuances. 

We also believe that it’s unacceptable for organisations  to be kept waiting for many months or sometimes years until newly procured solutions actually go live, which is why we prioritise rapid roll-outs and efficient system training as standard.

Delivering a service or solution is not a one-time act

It’s time to acknowledge that delivering a service or solution to the NHS is not a one-time act, and not something that can be walked away from once the contract is signed and the fee paid. We move away from seeing bank or rostering software as a piece of tech or product that you pay for and then are left to grapple with. Instead, we must move to one where NHS organisations partner with the workforce system provider to make a sustainable, impactful change. 

This is especially true when it comes to rostering. Rostering systems need regular refinement, and a rostering partner should stay by the side of the organisation throughout the implementation period and beyond. 

When Patchwork partners with an organisation to deliver our workforce and rostering solutions, we make a commitment to ongoing system optimisation and configuration, service transformation and bespoke reporting on outcomes - throughout and after go-live. 

Clinical demands are always changing, so why are immutable, rigid systems without the capacity to evolve or adapt still in operation? When service demands change, we take on the responsibility to adapt our systems to meet evolving needs, and we don’t expect already-overburdened management teams to handle the situation alone. As experts that are accountable for successful, shared outcomes, we’ll step in to support frontline teams without partner organisations incurring extra costs.

Technology that reduces workloads rather than adding to them 

Tied to our service-centric provision is our commitment to ensure alignment with the strategic and operational needs of the leadership and management teams we collaborate with. In order to achieve this, we’ve designed our workforce solutions to be inherently user-friendly and to reduce the workload of employers and admin teams. Our suite of fully-interoperable tech and services cover end-to-end needs; supporting the automation of time-consuming and repetitive admin tasks, the cutting out of unnecessary steps and the digitising of analogue workflows

In addition, (and amongst a host of other practical, innovative features), our platforms make it easy for actionable data-driven insights to be gathered and shared. This enables department managers and HR teams to make informed decisions and allows for organisational accountability around workforce planning.

Patchwork embraces our responsibilities to our NHS partners, and we are wholeheartedly committed to pioneering service-centric provision in the NHS. This collaborative model has the potential to be truly game-changing, which is why we’ve made it a core pillar of our mission to deliver outcomes-based staffing to the NHS,  to create optimal outcomes for patients, workers and employers. 

You can read about 'Outcomes-Based Staffing,' the paradigm shift set to transform healthcare staffing, here.

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Dr Anas Nader
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Dr Anas Nader