Patchwork reveals new product: Patchwork Insights.

Patchwork reveals new product: Patchwork Insights.

Patchwork is dedicated to improving temporary staffing through technology-enabled solutions. We are constantly seeking to improve the Patchwork experience and are therefore extremely excited to announce the release of Patchwork Insights

Patchwork Insights centralises and makes sense of organisations’ mass of temporary staffing data. The platform offers real-time insights and intuitive reporting; unlocking data-driven decision making.

What can it do?

  • Financial dashboards


    help organisations to keep better track of actual and forecast outgoings for temporary staffing as well as the likelihood of meeting targets

  • Temporary staffing performance indicators


    allow managers to quickly assess potential ward cover issues and monitor adherence to recruitment targets and NHSI standards

  • Collaborative dashboards


    allow Patchwork partner organisation to power their collaborative staff banks via a virtual ‘command and control centre’ to best manage resources and overall performance 

How does it work?

Patchwork Insights draws data directly from Patchwork’s temporary staffing solution to give up-to-date management information tailored to each user’s unique requirements. Users can view data to compare and contrast performance across the organisation, enabling identification and monitoring of best practice. 

Patchwork’s Customer Success Analytics Team also monitor your insights to provide ongoing, tailored recommendations. 

Here are two examples of Patchwork Insights in action:

Trust A (a large multi-site acute Trust) 

Trust A’s overall medical spend had become unmanageable. Through the use of Patchwork Insights, the Trust quickly identified an extremely high reliance on incumbent agency staff within the haematology department. Patchwork worked with the Trust to rectify the issue with targeted recruitment campaigns (using partners at the British Medical Journal) to grow the staff bank with specialist haematology staff and supports with converting the long term agency staff to bank. The Trust has since been able to dramatically reduce the use of premium agency staff.

Trust B

Trust B has spent over £400k bringing in additional resources to cover shifts which have been left vacant due to doctors booking annual leave. However, as part of the Junior Doctor contract, annual leave should be built into their existing rotas. This means that doctors within the department should be swapping shifts to ensure adequate cover, rather than outsourcing to temporary staff. Highlighting this within Patchwork Insights has allowed the Trust to focus improvement efforts in the departments where it is needed most. This, in turn, is helping to refine rostering practices and avoid the need for temporary staff and the associated costs.

 Unlock the power of your data and revolutionise your temporary staffing processes with Patchwork Insights.

To celebrate the launch of Patchwork Insights, we are offering all organisations a one-off complimentary bank health check with our analytics and transformation team. If this is of interest, please get in contact with our team to discuss the details using the details below.

020 39831470

Celine Prinse
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Celine Prinse

Senior Marketing Manager