Giving our NHS workforce power over their pay

Giving our NHS workforce power over their pay

Earlier this month Patchwork Health announced an exciting new partnership with financial wellness company Wagestream. As a result of this collaboration, healthcare workers booking shifts through Patchwork will now have the chance to access their wages on demand. Offering this choice represents a major step forward for flexible working in the NHS and we’re proud to be leading the charge.

Wagestream allows people to draw down wages they’ve already earned at any time, with no need to wait for payday. This gives greater financial empowerment, reduces reliance on payday loans or credit cards, and provides users with access to education and budgeting tools.

Issues around working poverty and stagnant rates of pay across the public sector have been well documented in recent years. The combination of constrained budgets and rising demand has visited untold pressures on services such as the NHS. This strain has, naturally, been felt by staff too - impacting work-life balance and creating financial pressure for many.

As a result, the calls for greater flexibility for our healthcare workers (a conversation which Patchwork is passionately working to move forwards) is inextricably linked with financial wellness. As we move towards a workforce which engages with the NHS in a different way - with more flexi-time and part-time team members - the way we approach salaries also needs to evolve.

Wagestream’s offering, which lets people decide when they get paid, is a critical stepping stone in evolving the system to meet current needs. Getting paid on the same day you carry out a shift stands to offer choice and options to healthcare workers whenever they might need them.

Some may never need to request a same day payment. But life throws curveballs that make having this option important. Whether it’s a broken washing machine, a school trip, or a rental deposit - our NHS workforce should have the option to access their wages instantly if an unexpected payment crops up. No-one should be forced towards high interest loans or lines of credit for want of a better option.

And that’s why we wanted to incorporate this option into the Patchwork offering. We want to create a stronger, fairer future for NHS staffing that works for everyone. This includes how you book shifts; the onboarding process; the payment of wages; creating financial sustainability; offering access to data; and everything in between. Each is connected and each is designed to create a better way of working for our much valued NHS staff and hospitals.

This partnership is about choice. We want to create a stronger NHS where staff are empowered, supported, and protected; enabling them to deliver the best possible care in a system that works for all.

Dr Anas Nader
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Dr Anas Nader